Twitter Marketing

Twitter Marketing


Along with facebook, twitter is also the fastest growing social networking website in the world. In terms of usage, UI and working, twitter completely differs with facebook or any other social networking site.  It is this uniqueness that made twitter climb the top of the ladder in terms of usage and traffic statics within few years of launch.

Twitter cannot be completely considered as a social networking site, because, unlike any other networking site, this doesn’t have multi page navigation, photos, videos or posts. Started as a mini blogging website, twitter gained huge popularity within weeks for its simplicity, clean UI and ease of updating and usage.


The posts length in twitter is limited to 140characters and this is what it made users get attracted towards the service. Expressing every moment of life in as many low words possible to the friends, followers and to the world is a fun thing in twitter. Started as a service, that lets you answer one simple question, “What are you doing now?”, twitter soon moved to complete solution for updates, followers and retweets.

The 140character or lesser posts are called tweets. Every day, millions of tweets get expressed through this site and many more get retweeted (reposted by your friends in the network aka followers). The power of twitter has soon expanded to business, especially for the internet marketers to promote their products, links, blogs, articles and websites. You need to follow a rigid strategy in building you twitter profile, increasing the followers, following the right people, tweeting and retweeting. Here are few advantages of being in twitter for your affiliate marketing business.

   •You networking can be increased like never before. Twitter helps you reach wide audience across the world who might be interested in your business niche or affiliate product. Twitter gives you a change to interact and socialise with professionals and experts in your business niche. With the help of search strings and keywords, it is easy to find people who might be interested in your product or are in the similar business as you. ‘Follow’ people who are industry experts.

   •Promoting your product in twitter is real simple and fast, provided that you have already built a great network. Your reviews, feedback articles and blog posts get retweeted and the quality articles reach to wide horizons, across the globe. Initially, you need to concentrate on building the right network and then tweeting interesting information and later suggesting your affiliate products to your network will be a good idea.

   •The speed at which information can be shared is amazing. Tweets can be posted through mobile phones as text messages and this is one of the greatest features that led to instant success of twitter, not just as personal status messaging website but for corporates too on business purposes. Celebrities widely use twitter to instantly update their whereabouts to their fans.

   •Status updates, information sharing, retweets and clever usage of has tags (#), shall help you in quickly building your followers count.

Twitter Marketing

Twitter Marketing


This micro blogging site, in a way, created a revolution in the way information is shared and exchanged between people, all at a time.

In addition to the above tips, adding a custom background related to your business and a personal photo of yours in the profile section shall bring a complete look and trustworthiness to you, your business and your twitter account.

There are many third party twitter tools and apps that help internet marketers to reach target audience, and market their business statistically and cleverly.