Traffic Exchanges

Traffic Exchanges

Traffic exchanges are a must-have in your Advertising arsenal. They are one of the most popular and result driven marketing methods to drive huge amount of  traffic to your business website. Advertising to paid banners, one way links and other traditional link programs can be expensive. Traffic exchanges do not  involve any payment for the link.  They are similar to a barter method where your link is placed in the site of your choice and in return you need to place a website link in your site as part of mutual promotion and link exchange program.


Through traffic exchange, the number of back links to your original site increases and is essential to gain more trust from search engines as a significant site. In order to get a group of backlink sites, joining a traffic exchange program is the best method. But to choose the right traffic exchange program is the hard part and you need to be cautious in choosing a legit ,  link exchange program to benefit the maximum through this method.

Signing up process is for free in most of the traffic exchange service websites. Few service providers charge a onetime or recurring fee and give you a whole lot of websites network to build backlinks to your site. Promote your website in this network through a splah page or service description, the keywords (meta tags) and a one line short bio of your site along with the headline and URL. Generally, a two or three word description is preferred and is used by the network of these sites to use as a hyperlink to your website.

There are few websites that offer free credits that can be redeemed as traffic exchange. To get these credits, you need to click on links of partner sites and each time you click and view a website in the network, your credit point increases. These credits can later be used to drive traffic and clicks to your link and website.

This also parallel increases the viewership and pushes your web link as a featured website for other visitors to see and click your link. If you think that surfing through these sites and gaining credit point is time consuming, then you can directly purchase these points or upgrade your membership to a premium one.

During the process of earning credits by viewing other sites, you may come across few interesting and similar sites of yours. You may contact the owners of such sites and arrange a direct link exchange with theirs for free or buy a one way link from their home page. In either case, you gain the benefit of a back link from a site of high PR and can improve the ranking of your site in search engine visibility as well as bring direct traffic from the other site.

If you have advertisements in your website that are displayed through 3rd party providers such as Google AdSense, then it is better not to involve in these link exchange programs as these are against their ToS. For just created or new websites, traffic exchange is a very effective way to drive traffic.

With traffic exchanges you can drive huge amounts of traffic to your site. Most of them are based on Multi Level Marketing platfotm ranging from 5 – 8 levels deep. Just to put some numbers in perspective, I’ll mention one of the traffic exchanges – WebBizInsider.

Traffic Exchanges

Traffic Exchanges

In WebBizInsider, we have over 11,000 people, across six levels,  in our downline. So far they have driven over 3,000,000 ( three million) viewers to our chosen sites.

The key, therefore,  to traffic exchanges is to build a considerable downline.  Avoid the temptation to start promoting your chosen site right away. Promote your traffic exchanges first, and once the viral effect takes over, the credits will start pouring in.

 Using this method you will have plenty of traffic to distribute to any or all of your sites.