Forum Marketing

Forum Marketing

Along with blogs, forum marketing is least expensive and is very popular. Forum marketing reaches directly to the targeted audience who are already interested in that niche and becomes simple to market your product at such places and drive more sales and profit.

 Affiliate marketers around with world realized the potential of forums for internet marketing and are using this technique widely to drive more traffic and sales to their affiliate product.




Though the process of choosing the popular forums in your niche and creating an account is simple, the recognition and fame doesn’t come quick enough especially in larger forums. Here are few tips for you to effectively market your affiliate products through forums.

   *Registration is simple, quick and free in most of the forums. Choose at least 3 well known and popular forums and signup. If possible, use the same ids in all of the forums you register and see that the username conveys something different or special.
   *Forums are meant for discussions and sharing of information. Read as much as you can. Browse through all possible threads and post replies in the forums. This helps you get the overall flow of the forum, the members, frequently raised questions and the already existing popular forum members.

   *Now, it’s time that you also read the terms and other forum rules in order not to get an infraction or completely ban on you on further usage of the forums. All the popular forums have very strict rules and moderators who are on continuous hunt for spammers.
*Start helping other fellow members through your answers to threads and do not hesitate to post any new, unique and not well known industry information or the questions you have related to the forum niche.

    *In the signature text, write a very compelling one liner and add a link it to your affiliate product website or sales page where you need to generate traffic.  Also fill in your profile completely with your bio, weblink, location and your interests. Be sure to mention about your expertise in the affiliate products you market.

   *Create a feeling of trust among the forum members. This can be only done through quality, polite and timely responses to the forum posts. Sharing of information and answering any questions of fellow forum members creates a feeling of interest and respect on you among the members. This helps greatly as part of the affiliate marketing and product promotion.

Forum Marketing

Forum Marketing


Make sure that you do not expose any direct commercial interest in your replies. Forum posting is more like a service and you shall be well rewarded through the network you build, the posts count and your signature link.

 Within few months, forum posting can drive lot of traffic to your sales page through the bio url and signature link.

Most of the traffic you get through forums is from people who are directly interested in your product and are ready to make the purchase.