Facebook Marketing

Facebook Marketing

Facebook has ranked as #1 among social networking sites in the world with hundreds of millions of active members registered at the site.

This is also the fastest growing website and gives Google a tough call as per the traffic statistics. This is the right time for you to grab this opportunity and use the craze and popularity of facebook for the growth of your business.

Facebook gives a chance to interact and acquaintance with people and your customers around the world.


It is simple to register at the site and start using. Facebook, though similar to most other social networking sites like myspace or orkut, could grab the attention of public due to simplicity and interactivity in the usage of the site. Today, almost every internet literate and every business has a presence in facebook either in the form of a personal profile or a business or company fanpage where customers and fans can interact and discuss at the page about your business and services you provide.

Facebook provides a great chance for internet marketers to promote their businesses and affiliate marketing products online with less cost and more conversions to the landing sales page. You can start by creating a new profile for you for your business contacts or better, a fanpage for your affiliate marketing business and start promoting it. The more fans you can get, the better is the chance for more exposure of your updates at your business page and so is the traffic to your site and the affiliate product convertions. This entire flow is a chain process and requires high amount of dedication and commitment to provide quality service to your customers or fans.

 For viral promotion, you can also create a facebook group and invite all your existing facebook friends to join. Your every update at the group shall be informed to all the group members. One more method to increase the fan count is to let people know about your facebook presence. Insert the ‘facebook like’ buttonof your fanpage into the side bar of your existing website or blog that has information about your affiliate products.

In addition to free promotion through group, profile updates and fanpage, facebook also has internal paid advertising through which you can marke your website, fanpage or affiliate products. The setup of paid advertising is also simple and you can decide the per click rate as per your budget per day on advertising.

Facebook Marketing

Facebook Marketing

In this modern social networking era, internet marketing and affiliate product promotion has increased by leaps and bounds and is going to settle nowhere less in the near future.

As long as the trend and popularity of facebook exists and increases, the various promotion strategies via facebook shall work for the better success of your affiliate marketing business.

One needs high amount of dedication and has to work on this facebook promotion as a daily ritual to be a successful affiliate product marketer.