Marketing with BlogsAfter choosing the right product or joining in the best affiliate program, the next big thing for the affiliate marketers is choosing the right strategy to promote the chosen affiliate products. Considering that the revenues and the success of the affiliate marketing business depends on how efficiently one could promote and drive traffic and sales, promotion  plays a key role. Though there are many traditional methods like advertising through PPC (pay per click) or banner advertising, these are expensive and leave the marketer with a high risk proposition. An alternative to skip through this paid advertising but gain the maximum exposure and benefit is through blogs.

The easiest and instant method to start your promotion campaign is through blogs. It is free to start a blog at any blog platform or services such as livejournal, blogger and wordpress. There are few tens of such free blog platforms where you can create a miniwebsite or blog within few minutes after free registration process. The setup of blog is quite simple in any of the well-known or new blog providers. Even if you are not willing to spend on domain name or hosting, blogs give you a subdomain to directly access you site with a URL and you need not even pay for hosting the blog pages and posts.
Choose the name of the blog related to the niche of affiliate marketing product you already chose. On availability of such a blog name and extension, you can immediately start posting your thoughts and publishing them online. Blogs have got so much popular for their simplicity, ease of setup, use and wide reach. It is well believed that blogs get quickly indexed in Google and places them at the first page with little optimization.  After creation of the blog, you can post information articles, your affiliate product reviews, user testimonials, samples, tips, instructions, feedback and leave a hyperlink with your affiliate id to let the blog viewers click and purchase if they are interested. In the articles, the product keywords can be linked to the affiliate product sales pages so that users, if interested can make the purchase directly.

It is also simple to put banner advertisements at top, bottom, side bar or within the post directing to your affiliate products on click. Most of the blog service providers allow advertisements, html and javascript codes to work within the created blogs. This helps the blog owners to place any ads, banners or modify the look and feel of the entire minisite.

Marketing with Blogs

Marketing with Blogs

For blogs, to stay fresh and frequently get indexed by google and other search engines, it is important you update the blog regularly. Updating the blog with two to three posts every week is a nice practice to gain more organic search traffic to your blog.

Writing may not be your forte and you can outsource that work to freelancers who are experts in generating content for affiliate blogs.

Make sure that the blog has rich content as the content directly interacts within unknown site visitors and creates an impression among them about your blog and the product you are promoting.