Banner Avertising

Banner Avertising

Promotion of affiliate products through banners at your own website or through other network of sites creates an instant and great visibility of the ad for the site visitors.

Statics and researches have proven that people tend to click on banner ads far better than link displays. When designed great and positioned at right spots in a website, banner advertising tends to be more successful than any form of internet advertising for affiliate marketing.


FREE Instant Banner Creator

FREE Instant Banner Creator


Though banner advertising is not cheap when compared with other forms like building backlinks or blogging, banner ads have their own set of unique advantages. Few of them are

•A great looking banner has more number of chances of click through.

•Banners with right ‘call words’ does the necessary action than a page full of content.

•Banners are attractive and speak of the business instantly.

•Through animated banners we can display a visual of the actual product that we are promoting as part of our affiliate marketing. As the product image is being seen, the chances of sales conversions are instant.

When rightly done, for the benefits and marketing reach it brings, the cost factors involved in banner advertising can be overlooked. Here are few tips and caution steps to be taken to effectively and efficiently market your affiliate products through banner advertising.

Placement: Location of the banner ads is very important aspect in making the breaking the success of the advertising. Statistics show that banners that are placed in right side bar either the square ones or skyscrapers, both work better than the ones placed at the footer or left siderbar. Please tend to click the banner ads which appeal to them on the first sight.

Text: The text lines or quotes you use on the banner have to be catchy and prompt the user to know more by clicking on the ad. The lines you write have to be short, simple and create an interest among the web visitors to click.

Animation and Color: If you are using animated banners to advertise your affiliate product, make sure that you do not use flash banners. Instead, stick with the gif images as flash is not directly supported in all browsers. Also, do not use flashy and eye straining colors for the banners just to grab the use attention.

Size and Loading time: The size of the total image plays a key role in the time taken for the entire image ad to load on the webpage. If the image is of heavy size, then it takes longer time for ad to load than the rest of the webpage and other banners. So, keep the image size as small as possible without any degradation to the quality of the images.

Banner Advertising

Banner Advertising

If you are planning to use the banners ads with affiliate links on your own website, then try changing the location of the ads and keep testing them until you find the best possible spot that grabs more clicks.

You can also contact blogger of your niche and work on paid banner ads with your affiliate id on their site for a monthly fee.