Among the many search engine optimization techniques followed by the experts to make the website get indexed and rank well in the search engines like Google and Bing, backlinking is a very popular and successful method.

Backlinking is a process where we develop links to our site from various other online sites, blogs and directories. This process is done in order to make sure that search engines consider our site as a popular one as we have more backlinks from various other sites.
The more are the backlinks, the more is the trustworthiness of our site for the search engine crawlers.
Search engines let the crawlers move around in the internet and find the number of internal and one way links to every site.



Among the many things that search engines take into consideration, the number of backlinks a site has counts into the priority.So, as the initial step, all the website owners and search engine optimization experts treat backlinking as a major process to develop that credibility in the search engine and make the site get indexed and rank well to the top of the first page results for determined keywords.

Keyword research: Before you start determining which keywords to target or hyperlink at other sites, do a simple keyword research to find out the most searched terms in your niche, the target keywords you are aiming to rank higher at, the number of searches for those exact keywords in a month and the competition for such keywords in your niche. After this, you can shortlist 4-6 keywords and keyword phrases and start backlinking using these words.

Hyperlinking: As backlinking involves hyperlinking a certain keyword phrase to your website and leaving these links at different online communities, blogs, forums, websites and directories, you need to learn a single line HTML code to create anchor links.

<a href=”http://www./”>Your keywords </a>

Creating a link with text keywords is very simple and is show in the above line. Here, replace the url with your website and the keywords with the actual keywords you are aiming at that describes your business or website service you offer.

Most of the text areas available for posting and commenting online allows html text and automatically converts the above code to a clickable link. When this link is clicked, the page gets redirected to your website. Search engine crawlers find this code in any webpage and count the number of such backlinks in the entire web. Higher backlinks of your site allows your site to rank up well in search engines.

Here are few tips for ranking well in Google through backlinking technique:

•Blog commenting: If you leave some unrelated comment, then there are high chances of getting your comment marked as SPAM and it never gets published. In order to get you link appear on other blogs, it is better you read the post and comment your opinions honestly with a link to your site at bottom. In most cases, the moderator or site owners approves your comment even if there’a an external link.

•Forum Signature: Forum signatures are great away to create backlinks. These increase the backlink counts and at the same time, as your presence and popularity grows in any widely reputable forum, the direct traffic to your site also increases.



•Web Directory Submissions: Submitting you site to web directories directly by using the right title, keywords and description helps to increase the backlink count to your website quickly.

•Article Directories and Blogs: Creating niche blogs or posting articles (with one or two backlinks to your site) regularly to high PR article directories greatly improves the search engine visibility of your website.