Karatbars International is a gold company that specializes in the distribution of currency grade Gold bullion in smaller, more affordable transaction friendly weights, 1g, 2g, 5g.

The Gold is embedded in Karatbars, making it ideal replacement to the traditional, Fiat Currency, of your country…and we all know what is happening with that!


Not surprisingly, it is recognized throughout some 100+ countries and more jumping on board every day.

Karatbars International’s Gold Savings Plan empowers individuals, families, and business entities of all types TO OWN AND CONTROL GOLD. Their unique savings plan, saving account with real gold, offers your gold to be shipped to your local address (Tax Free) or they supply FREE storage of your gold in their vaults in Germany. You can also store it in Swiss bank for a small fee.

This unique Marketing Strategy is creating THE GLOBAL PHENOMENON.




Financial FREEDOM In 12 Weeks!


Follow our 12 week strategy and you will make so much money and obtain so much gold, that is truly amazing.



This is serious business, and if you are serious enough, it is within your reach…and the best part, it is not difficult!

Karatbars offer a very lucrative compensation plan for all of their affiliate members.

Actually it is composed of 7 different plans all working symbiotically to make you money.


Follow these 4 steps of our 12 weeks strategy:

  1. Signup and get your KYC approved ( Documents, your Id and proof of address)
  2. Order Your One Time package : There are 3 packages of concern
  • Silver – Cost is 239 € around $320
  • Gold – Cost is 595 € around $800
  • VIP – Cost is 1595 € around $ 2,100

3. Order 1 gm of gold per week (autoship) – cost 50 € around  $65

4. Find 2 people who will do the same


That is it!


For the Package Purchase I strongly recommend the VIP package.

Assuming everything is the same, the difference in the amount of money you will make after 12 weeks:

  • Silver Package you will make $4,000+ per week
  • Gold Package you will make $ 8,000+ per week
  • VIP Package you will make $15,000+ per week, making this the best choice.


You can  upgrade your package at any time. For this to work Silver Package is the minimum.

The money is paid weekly to your Debit Card.

The Debit Card is FREE and shipped automatically once you accumulate 20 € in your account.



Lot Of Cash and Free Gold Awaits You!


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