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No strings attached. is hot new way to mine cryptocurrency.
They opened their doors on June 1st, 2015. provide Сloud mining of cryptocurrency: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Namecoin, Monero, DogecoinDash, Paycoin, Peercoin … They are ambitious, young, fast growing company with endless possibilities in cryptocurrency mining. use new generation equipment.


The mining is based on RDP.
RDP is their proprietary system to generate cryptocurrency mining algorithms.
The system automatically selects the most profitable cryptocurrency algorithms for mining.


Instead of having Gh, Kh, Mh…. You use the RDP to mine coins of your choice.


Here is a tip: Once you get your free 1000 Dogiecoins, in your backoffice exchange them for RDP’s,  click on “Mining” and watch the magic happen.


They do not rent the miners, you own the equipment (which can be sold in the future via Internal Exchange). Not everyone can afford to buy this equipment and set it up properly. Their highly qualified system administrators optimize equipment performance. They are also able to obtain the cheapest electricity which gives them a distinct advantage over competitors.


Unique system, brand spanking new , Exponential growth, and most importantly, minimal expenses for resources means we get maximum profit from mining.


RDP plans for 2015:
- Adding most demanded languages to use the site (summer 2015);
- Social Networks (summer 2015);
- Additional payment systems;
- New cryptocurrencies to mine;
- Exchange (autumn 2015);
- Cryptocurrency RDP (Winter 2015)


Very attractive Referral program


(this is directly from their site)

- We receive substantial compensation for electricity that gives us a distinct advantage over competitors.
- We don’t rent the equipment, we sell it.
- You will be able to sell your equipment via Exchange (Beta version of Exchange will be available in autumn 2015).
- Cloud Mining under the leadership of a strong team.
- You don’t need to think what is better Sha-256, Scrypt, Skrypt-N etc. We facilitated these terms replaced them with our RDP system streams.
- We offer an opportunity to mine different cryptocurrencies.
- The newest equipment will be relevant for years, it will save you from the increasing complexity of mining cryptocurrency and will protect against loss of earnings.

For FREE!!!


- No hidden fees.
- Support 24/7.
- Easy interface.
- We are not standing still, we are developing day by day.
- Our goal is to Be the name in cryptocurrency.